City Heat Band WEDDINGS

The City Heat Band is one of the best Live Pittsburgh Wedding Bands.. & we're FROM Pittsburgh!

A City Heat Band Wedding is the unbeatable combination
of a Classy Live Band & Lots of FUN for EVERYONE! 

Band • DJ • Emcee

it's ALL included!

FUN Music for EVERYBODY - included wedding planning assistance,  included expert emceeing
to keep everything "going"and their elegant selection of classic and contemporary music during dinner... 

THEN - ALL the FUN PARTY you can stand! All eras of Great Dance music for ALL:
from Swing to Motown, Rock, Disco, Funk, & then TONS of really great 80's & 90's Dance music 
and lots of today's Current Party Dance Hits... all tastefully performed for a family friendly wedding.

All of which leaves the band rocking your reception to your favorite songs 
that YOU and your family and guests have selected or requested!

ANY DJ'ing you want is INCLUDED too!

This is the kind of Wedding Entertainment that MAKES your wedding!
And our Wedding packages can include cocktails, ceremonies & more! 


Simple •  Romantic •  FUN!

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City Heat Band is a Pittsburgh Wedding Band and Pittsburgh Private Party Band and Variety band. The City Heat Band is a very popular group of live musicians for weddings in Pittsburgh. City Heat Band has been a Pittsburgh band providing the most elite band showy entertainment for over 15 years. People looking for a great wedding reception would do well to check out CityHeat. Don't forget, We want to play for your Private Party or Gala!

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